DR. TONG LAI YU (consultant)

DR. HOI LAI YU (consultant)


​Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Work Experience

Researcher at 中央研究院物理研究所
Visiting Professor at UCLA
Visiting Scholar at SLAC
Associate Professor at 中原大學
Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Southampton 

Research Interests


​Website: https://www.phys.sinica.edu.tw/directory.php?directory=11&id_key=26

Ph.D. in Physics, Johns Hopkins University, 1986
MSEE in EE and CS, Johns Hopkins University, 1982
Completion of "Information Assurance Capacity Building Program", Carnegie Mellon University, 2003
Complete course "Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks", SANS Institute, 2006

Working Experience:
1986 - 2019  Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University at San Bernardino
2019 – now    Emeritus Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University at San Bernardino
2000 – 2001   Senior Software Engineer, Apollo Inc., Hong Kong
2001 -  now   Technical Consultant of Ocean Unicorn, Hong Kong

Dr. Yu was a full professor of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University San Bernardino. He helped the department build a graduate program and get accredited by CSAB. He has incorporated his valuable cutting-edge knowledge gained from industry consulting into the teaching curriculum like building large scalable highly available web sites with advanced Linux clusters, constructing fault tolerant distributed file systems for mobile computing, developing advance secure image server and chess programming for embedded systems. He has authored or co-authored more than twenty papers published in various prestigious journals or magazines. His current research interests include information security, web-based multi-media and data compression. Dr. Yu published several papers in the refereed journal, "Computers and Education" to disseminate his innovative methods of teaching computer science.

Dr. Yu co-founded IDzap LLC in 1999 and has been one of the main software and hardware engineers of the company, which provides privacy protection and secure email services using SSL and PGP to the public. He built a highly available fault tolerant cluster for the company using open-source software, Linux Virtual Server, Heartbeat and Ldirector. The company won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award in 200 (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,55834,00.asp). In 2004, IDzap obtained a grant from Air Force to develop a program to automatically detect steganographic content; in the project, Dr. Yu helped design and develop an anti-steganography algorithm and engine that detects steganographic content in a computer file. Dr. Yu also founded or co-founded a couple other Internet service providing companies, which provided basic Internet services to the public, including dial-up connection, web hosting and book swap.

Dr. Yu completed the Information Assurance Capacity Building Program organized by Carnegie Mellon University in 2003 and had become the chief security consultant to Active Capital, the only major non-profit organization for entrepreneurs registering securities for sale via Internet in this country ( http://www.activecapital.org ). Dr. Yu regularly attends conferences on web trust, Internet privacy and security, and in the summer of 2006, he further enhanced his knowledge in this area by completing the course 'Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks' offered by Sans Institute ( http://www.sans.org/ ) in 2006. 

Personal Website: http://cse.csusb.edu/tongyu/


Master of Electronics & Information, City University of Hong Kong (Completed 5 courses)

Master of Business Administration, University of East Asia, Macau, 1993

Higher Diploma in Marine Electronics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 1985

Working Experience

1996-present  Chief Technical Officer of Ocean Unicorn 

1990-1996  R&D Manager, Marketing Manager & Assistant to Managing Director at Welback Enterprises Ltd.

1985-1989  Technical Officer at ICAC

steven lo (chief technical officer)